Winter, cold wind whistling. Early in the morning and doing nothing, I walk on the street corner. The feeling is very cold. Walking in the street, see several scavenging abandoned young people looking for the people.

A man passing by, I looked at him up and down. So the old man seems to be over 60, the vicissitudes of the face with pale messy hair, the nose has been red with cold. He is wearing a shabby little felt hat, dressed in rags several thin layers of clothing, but the clothes couldn't keep out the cold. He carried a big bag of scrap, dragging a pair of old shoes mouch. All of a sudden, the line of sight of the old man on the front door of a bag of things. His shortness of ecstatic. Very not easy in the bag. The old man reached out his thin and dark less prepared to take. It is strange that he hand suddenly froze in the air, frames. He didn't continue to explore. For a moment. He retracted his hand, slowly away.


一个老汉擦肩而过,我上下打量着他。这么老汉似乎年过花甲了,沧桑的脸庞留着苍白杂乱的胡子,那鼻子早已被冻得通红。他戴着一个破旧的小毡帽,穿着破烂不堪的几层薄衣,但那些衣服根本无法御寒。他扛着一大袋废品,拖着一对陈旧的军鞋蹒跚地走着。 突然,老汉的视线集中在前方门口的一袋东西。他欣喜若狂的急促赶去。好不容易到了袋子旁。老汉伸出他瘦小而黑乎乎的手准备探取。奇怪的是他的手却突然在空中僵住了一般,定格了。他没继续探取。片刻。他缩回自己的手,缓缓地离开了。


School, midterm and final exam, finally put the winter vacation.

Winter vacation is good, can set off firecrackers, and putting the wildfire brother and sister, can sleep late, you can also take a lot of money, you can even play computer games! Just don't like to go to school free, can't play with your classmates? Chat? Play and so on.

Hey hey! Now I sleep until nine o 'clock every day, at ten o 'clock, usually have to nod off at seven o 'clock go to wash a face? Brush your teeth. Now we don't eat breakfast, lunch directly, to combine two meals into one meal. In the afternoon, do homework, play the piano, kicking shuttlecock, bored to death! I miss my classmates, more miss potatoes (TuLeYi), but she went to the past decade.

Right! Winter vacation homework to do hurry up, or you will be a MAO teacher K.

Winter vacation, I good exam results, old mama cordon and almost was broken by me. The New Year, to play some computer games can also, like super Mario, boxing champion in every game to play it again.

I miss PK contest to the men and women, before the class only two or three people didn't attend, yifan is always one of the worst. Alas! Way to go!








Although many winter vacation homework, but also have a happy place, that is to play, play ready to also want to know their homework, because ready, oneself do not have to worry about homework can play good, and not ready will be like a stone in the heart not to lay down their worries about the homework, like to play when I was not good to play.

Play is the most happy thing in the winter vacation, but some people are not happy because he (she) didn't do homework, so only crazy homework, and good people? They can "travel". Don't say forget it meaningless, should say something happy.

For example, my last winter holiday. My homework done, mom and dad took me to the underground river. Jinhua shuanglong cavity, I play of happy, because they take me to so far place to play, I am really very happy because the inside of the underground river and jinhua shuanglong cavity stalactites is very good-looking, have a special like ice cream, I almost thought it was really ice cream, ha ha then you must be laughing at me, but if you go to see you also think he is the ice cream, if you laugh at me you go to have a look at it! It's in the underground river, but is still a problem that you can't go to! Because, you take two places are finished at least two days.





When we go to school, we are taught that life is not always going well, we will meet all kinds of difficulties. Everyone hears the words, but when they meet difficulties, it is hard for them to be OK with it, they feel the life is hopeless, just as hearing is easy, while taking action is another thing. Once a famous business person said that the one who faced the failure and stood up, he or she will be successful. I absolutely believe it, we are in front of so many accidents, we need to face the setback and learn from it, every setback is a test for us, only the one who passes the test can succeed. Such as when we feel it hard to study, then give up, how can we make progress. Life teaches us lesson every minute, the adverse situation is a good chance to upgrade ourselves.



There is a famous song called Never Say Never, it is one of my favorite songs. The lyrics tell people no matter what happens, never to give up, then you will be successful if you are stick on. Before, I believe in those words, I think if people insist, they can do everything. But last week, I saw a TV show, a scholarship told people to learn to give up sometimes, and they could gain more. He explained that he met a boy who was not good at studying, but he was skilled in cooking, so he encouraged the boy to give up studying the major that he was not good at and learned to be a cook. And now, the boy is a famous cook, it proves that give up is not a bad thing, people need to find the right place, or they will not successful.