Pally paddlers put friendship first




pally adj.要好的,亲密的 :friendly pal n.朋友 : friend pen pal笔友

paddler 乒乓球运动员; paddle n.乒乓球球拍,船桨 ; v.用桨划船

Chinese paddlers' glorious Tokyo Olympics campaign was built on individual brilliance on the table and an unbreakable team spirit off it.


on the table在乒乓球桌上的;明面上,摆在台面上,公开的

under th table 在暗地里的,见不得光的,私底下

Bagging four of the five gold medals on offer, China maintained its dominance of the sport in the Japanese capital. However, fans back home were equally cheered by the obvious solidarity and kinship within the squad - even between gold-medal rivals.


bag v. 包揽,收入囊中

solidarity n.团结,团结一致

kinship n.亲切感,亲属关系

squad n.小分队,军队中的连

Six days after beating Sun Yingsha in the women's singles final, Chen Meng was captured on camera helping her younger teammate with the nuances of correctly wearing a face mask. The clip, filmed after China's semifinal victory in the women's team competition, went viral on social media, racking up 160 million views on Weibo by Wednesday.


singles n.单打 doubles n.双打

semifinal n.半决赛 final n.决赛 quarterfinal n. 四分之一决赛 Preliminary n.预赛

capture v.捕捉

"Of course, we all know Sun Yingsha has very 'pinchable' cheeks! There were obviously regulations at the Olympics about wearing face masks, so when we stopped playing, we were supposed to wear them," Chen told China Daily during an exclusive Douyin livestream on Monday.

"We were all really focused on watching our teammates play that day. But when I turned my head to chat with Sha Sha (Sun Yingsha), I noticed she wasn't wearing her face mask properly. So, naturally, I helped her. After all, she's younger than me, and in our daily training, we just help and support each other."


pinchable adj.很好捏的,可爱的

notice sb doing sth注意到某人正在做什么

Chen revealed that feeling of camaraderie was nurtured from the top down thanks to the example shown by Chinese Table Tennis Association president Liu Guoliang, the legendary former player and coach.


reveal v.透露,揭露

camaraderie n.友情,同志情谊,同志之爱

top down自上而下

bottom up自下而上

"I was really in trouble in my women's singles quarterfinal. I lost the first two games, and at 0-2 down things were looking pretty precarious for me. That day my opponent played really aggressively, so it was a truly hard-fought win," Chen said.


precious adj.宝贵的,珍贵的

aggressively adv.具有攻击性地,激烈地 aggressive adj.好争斗的,挑衅的

hard-fought a.浴血奋战得来的,艰苦努力得来的

"But many people noticed that day, in the toughest situation, that president Liu never stopped cheering and encouraging me from the stands. He stood up and cheered when I won each point. That was truly unforgettable for me."


unforgettable adj.难忘的

Despite their dominant display in Tokyo, China's paddlers are wary of a new breed of foreign talents eager to knock them off their perch.


despite 尽管 in spite of

be wary of 警觉的,谨防的

knock sb off their perch 将某人赶下神坛

Chen says the up-and-coming opposition only serves to motivate Team China players to keep pushing their limits.


up-and-coming a.有作为的,有希望的,新生代的,有前途的

"My goal is simple - to win more titles," she said. "There will be many more top-level international tournaments, and my table tennis dream is far from over. I just hope now I can keep this momentum and keep improving my performances in the future."


title n.(体育赛事中的)第一名,冠军

top-level adj.高水平的,顶尖的

tournament n.锦标赛,联赛