「CET-4情景作文」Bridging the Gap between Friends

Bridging the Gap between Friends

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic: Bridging

the Gap between Friends. You should write at least 120 words, and your composition

should be based on the following information:



Bridging the Gap between Friends

Once we say that some people are friends, we mean they will always help each other, and the relationship between them is smooth and sincere. But sometimes gaps between friends do emerge.

Then why do such gaps emerge? When you are talking about some trifles① with your friends, different insights are expressed. Sometimes, even your tone of voice or your gestures② will make your friends angry.

Thus, when gaps do really happen, what should we do? First, we must exam ourselves to see if we have made a mistake. If we find out that it is our own mistake that causes the gap, we should correct it at once. Secondly, we can have a talk with our friends with our whole being③ to find out the difference between us and try our best to adjust them. Thirdly, as it is the most important, we should treat our friends as ourselves, and even more than ourselves. We should treat our friends’ matters (but not their possessions) as our own, and make efforts to help them. What’s more, we should show our due respect to our friends, no matter how close the relationship between us is.

Friendship is beautiful and we should not let trifles distract us. Friends are valuable, which is worth of being kept in mind for all our lives. Please try hard to protect your friends and maintain your friendship, or you’ll regret very much when you miss them.

(张德兰 历史文化学院2003级)




③with one’s whole being:全身心地



全文围绕 “朋友之间的隔阂” 这个中心思想展开。


在第二段,作者用Then why do such gaps emerge?进行过渡,从而开始从两个方面简要地分析了朋友之间为什么有时候会出现“隔阂”

在第三段,作者又用Thus, when gaps do really happen, what should we do? 进行过渡, 并从四个方面详细分析如何解决“朋友之间的隔阂”。由于作者使用了First, Secondly, Thirdly, What’s more等连接词语,使文章过渡自然,衔接顺畅。