Dear Editor, I'm writing to tell you about a discussion we've had about whether the students should take physical exercise. About 60% students hold the idea that we should take physical exercise.They think that we can do morning exercises,and play ping-pong and basketball.It is a good idea to do that if they don't spend too much time.Also physical exercise can strengthen our body and release disease.But there are till 40% students who have different opinions.They think that it is a waste to do physical exercise.And they always feel exhausted after that.More seriously,they can't concentrate on study if they take physical exercise.In my opinion,we should take physical exercise according to our own conditions.


physical exercise 运动

do morning exercises 做早操; 晨练

good idea 好主意; 好点子; 好想法

too much 过分

there are 有; 可数名词的复数形式;


concentrate on 专心于,把思想集中于;


according to 据; 按; 依照; 按照; 根据




范文:Changes in My Life

Over the past twenty years or so.Great changes have taken place in oue life.Take my family for example.My parents contacted others mainly by sending them letters in the past. But now we call long distance at home.And once my parents listened to the radio for news and other information. But now we get the news by watching TV.Another big change is my living conditions.When then got married in a small room crowded with furniture.But now we have moved into a big new three-room apartment. In short,our life has become comfortable and convenient.


my family 我的家庭; 我的家人; 我家

in the past 在过去

listened 听; 倾听; 听信; 听从; 听着,注意听; listen的过去分词和过去式

crowded 人多的; 拥挤的; 充满的; 挤满的; 挤满; 塞满; 使…拥挤; 涌上; 涌入; 挤,靠近,挤在一旁; crowd的过去分词和过去式

In short 总之;简而言之





Cellphone is very popular in our life.It is a useful tool for us to communicate with others wherever he or she is .We can also send messages to them .Apart from these,the cellphones can also be used as an alarm clock.In a word,cellphones are very useful to our life.But some people abused the cellphones .They use them to play games ,which is bad for the eyes and will waste much time .What's worse ,some people use them to send some illegal messages to others ,which can bring us much trouble.   So in my opinion ,we should make full use of the cellphone ,only in that way can we benefit from them.


communicate with

与…联系,与…交往; 与…相通

Apart from 除了…外; 要不是; 此外; 加之

some people 某些人

play games 做游戏; 玩游戏; 捣鬼

in my opinion 我的意见是

make full use of 利用

in that way 那样; 那么

benefit from 从…中获益




范文:The Computer

Nowadays,computers are becoming more and more popular.Computers can help different people in different ways.They can help children with lessons and homework,help students and scholars do calculations,analyze data and present the latest achievements.Furthermore,they can assist engineers and experts in the design of a spaceship. Besides, computers can offer fun and entertainment to us whit the internet games,movies,and etc.Indeed,computers have become a good companion of man. I think use computers are the most important things in all life.


more and more 越来越

homework 家庭作业; 准备工作

scholars 学者; 奖学金获得者;

聪颖勤奋的学生; scholar的复数

calculations 计算; 估计; 预测; 推测; 算计;

自私的打算; calculation的复数

engineers 工程师; 设计师; 机修工; 技师;

技工; 轮机手; 机械师; 密谋策划;

设计制造; 改变…的基因结构;


spaceship 宇宙飞船

whit 一点点; 很少量; 丝毫

companion 旅伴; 伴侣; 陪伴;

伙伴,同伴; 同甘共苦的伙伴

most important 重要的; 有重大影响的;

有巨大价值的; 影响很大的; 权威的;


in all 非常; 总计





Newspapers are an important part in my daily life. My favourite newspaper is China Daily. Every day I read this newspaper during my breakfast. It helps me to learn about the world outside. I can also find some interesting stories and share them with my colleges. Reading newspapers gives me a chance to widen my horizon and learn the world. What's more, China Daily is a newspaper that owns great authority. Its content helps me a lot both in my work and study. I believe I will keep this habit and read newspapers everyday. Life with newspapers is really great and fantastic.


daily life 日常生活

China Daily 中国日报; <中国日报>是中华人民共和国成立以来创办的第一份也是目前唯一的一份全国性英文日报。中国日报以权威、客观、迅捷的报道

Every day 每日

learn about 得知关于; 学习关于

widen 变宽; 加宽; 拓宽; 放宽;


horizon 地平线; 范围,眼界

owns 拥有,有; 承认;


a lot 常; 许多





Now adays we have a great number of means of getting information. Libraries provide us with books,while Internet offers us information resources.My favorite means of getting information is surfing the Internet.It enables me to search what I want within just a few seconds.In addition,when we meet with some problems,we can go to Baidu to ask for help,and we can often get satisfying answers.Internet helps me really a lot.It is my favorite way of getting information.I enjoy searching information through Internet.


a great number of 许多的

surfing 冲浪运动; 冲浪,漫游,浏览; 来回转换电视频道; 进行冲浪运动; 冲浪; surf的现在分词

enables 使能够; 使有机会; 使成为可能; 使可行; 使实现; enable的第三人称单数

meet with 遭受,受到; 会见某人某物;


go to 去…; 费工夫;花钱; 求助于;求教于

ask for help 请求帮助; 寻求帮助

satisfying 令人满意的; 使满意; 使满足;

满足; 向…证实; 使确信; satisfy的现在分词



Study has been the indispensable part of our life. For some people, study means to learn knowledge from school, which for others, they believe that study is happening all the time, and it is not limited in the regular learning. I believe that if we keep thinking, we are studying. Study brings us valuable things, and the most important thing is critical thinking. When we are babies, we get to know the world by imitating, but as we grow up, we will have our own opinion about the world. A complete person will not follow the crowd, he can figure out the truth and fake. Study also brings us a bigger world. The more we read, the farther distance we can reach. A person is easy to be stuck in the current difficulty, but if he can see the beauty of life, he will adjust himself and be positive to life.


a great number of 许多的

surfing 冲浪运动; 冲浪,漫游,浏览; 来回转换电视频道; 进行冲浪运动; 冲浪; surf的现在分词

enables 使能够; 使有机会; 使成为可能;

使可行; 使实现; enable的第三人称单数

meet with 遭受,受到;

会见某人某物; 偶然遇到,碰到

go to 去…; 费工夫;花钱; 求助于;求教于

ask for help 请求帮助; 寻求帮助

satisfying 令人满意的; 使满意;

使满足; 满足; 向…证实; 使确信;


38.文本:网上学习 Online Learning


With the development of network, the Internet has become an essential tool for not only entertainment, but also study. So, online learning has been an appealing topic.
Nevertheless, learning online has some disadvantages. First of all, for teenagers, it is inappropriate for them to contract the Internet too early. They were likely to be affected by complex information. Secondly, learning online may distract our attentions as there are games or other temptations along us when we are studying.

But, why is it so popular currently? As we all know, absorbing online is very convenient and time-saving. We can accurately find the information we want, instead of seeking from a pile of books. We can also learn online any time we want. And we can be free from heavy books. Additionally, we can communicate and share our ideas with others easily when we have questions. What's more, we can get good learning materials in the first place and choose the best one.

In my opinion, learning online will be human's main learning method in no distant future. But we must be mindful of how to use it correctly.


but also 而且

First of all 第一;首先

there are 有; 可数名词的复数形式; 许多重要事情要谈

instead of 代替; 作为…的替换

a pile of 一大堆

any time 在任何时候; 随便什么时候

be free from 免除

39.文本:中国速度 Chinese Speed


It is known to all that Chinese economy develops so fast that it has made some break throughs. Nowadays, when foreigners come to China, they are surprised by its new face. Before they come here, they think China is old and poor, just as what they see in the news. But China's new buildings finish very quickly and many modern buildings surprise the foreigners. Chinese speed always presents in other sides, such as people's life standard. With more incomes, people have the money to find amusement. Chinese tourists are everywhere and they even promote the world's economy. To attract more Chinese tourists, some countries let their staffs learn Chinese, so as to win more customers. China plays an important role in the world and we are so proud of being part of it.



come here 过来; 来这里; 到这儿来

so as to(= in order to) 以便; 为使

proud of 骄傲; 自豪的; 为…而自豪


How to Solve the Problem of Heavy Traffic



In modern society, the problem of heavy traffic has aroused a wide concern.Concerning with this problem, different people hold different opinions. As faras I am concerned, to solve this problem, we need to begin with the followingsteps.


First,limiting the number of private cars is a significant step to solve the problemof heavy traffic. Private car occupies a larger space and it is responsible fortraffic jam to a large extent. Less private cars will accelerate the flow oftraffic. Second, it is also a good means to open up the special roads forbuses. By doing this, the phenomenon that the buses block the street whenpassengers get on or get off the buses will not occur again. At the same time,it will upgrade the efficiency of buses. Finally, reinforcing punish toward theover-speed cars and drunk driving so as to reduce the rate of traffic accident,and then decrease traffic jam.


To put it in a nutshell, only we put the above advice into practice together canwe solve the problem of heavy traffic.



heavy traffic 拥堵的交通

begin with 以…开始,从…开始

open up 将开封; 拆开; 开放; 开通; 出现; 产生; 取得; 打开的门; 打开话匣子; 敞开心扉

get off 未受惩罚; 逃脱惩罚; 出发; 离开; 从…上走开,离…远点; 把手拿开; 别碰

will not 会; 要; 总是; 往往; 谈及将来; 烦劳别人做事时用; 命令时用; 意志; 意愿; 遗嘱; 毅力; 愿意; 决心; 想要; 希望

At the same time 同时;