范文:Smoking is Harmful

People know that smoking is harmful to the body and if long-term is even life threatening but it seems nobody heeds the warning.smoking is harmful ,as is an unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle.As we know, smoking is harmful not only to our health but also to the environment.Don't you think smoking is harmful to your health? Smoking is harmful and it is not only bad for smokers themselves,but also bad for non-smokers. That smoking is harmful to health. so you should stop smoking.


threatening 威胁的; 恐吓的; 阴沉沉的; 乌云密布的; 扬言要; 威胁; 恐吓; 预示凶兆; 有…危险; 危及; 对…构成威胁; threaten的现在分词

it seems 似乎;看来;似

heeds 留心,注意,听从; 注意; 留心; heed的第三人称单数和复数

as is 照现状;不予改变;照原样

unhealthy 不健康的; 虚弱的; 损害健康的; 对身体有害的; 会致病的; 反常的; 不良的; 有害的

sedentary 需要久坐的; 惯于久坐不动的; 定居的; 定栖的; 不迁徙的

only to 仅仅为了; 却; 结果却

but also 而且

smokers 吸烟者; smoker的复数

you should 你应该; 你应该要;




范文:Why do students learn English?

Recently more and more students want to learn English and they are supposed to learn. And there are different reasons. First of all, China has enteres WTO and has more chance to make trade with foreign countries. It gives the students a chance to go abroad and communicate with foreign people. Secondly, English is an international language. Many people in the world speak English and it is important that Chinese students learn English and go for the trade. Thirdly, learning English helps one improve one's ability. For example, speaking English more stimulate our language talent. All in all, learning English is necessary.


more and more 越来越

First of all 第一;首先

communicate with

与…联系,与…交往; 与…相通

foreign people 外国人

For example 例如;比如




范文:How to Overcome Difficulties in My English Studies?

I like learning English very much,I hope I can learn English well,because I like foreign culture,but in my study,I have some trouble,such as there are lots of new word to learn,it need a good memory. To be a good English speaker,the environment are very important,I think my English environment are not so good.so How to overcome difficulties in my English studies is a big problem.I think I can read more word in my spare time,Write more and listen more.Watch some English films,I think watch English films can change the language environment. Also,I will make a chance to go abroad,It can help me to learn English. That is the way to overcome difficulties in my English studies.


very much 非常;确实

there are 有; 可数名词的复数形式;


spare time 业余时间

go abroad 出国; 到外国





Self-study is a very popular way to learn something. Nowadays many people choose this way to improve themselves. You can learn something on the Internet as well as on the book,etc. I am interested in self-study and I really enjoy it. But there is some difficulties in self-study. For example,we cannot understand many difficult things only by ourselves. And it is usually very confused to distinct some knowledge. Further more,when we learn something new,we hardly ever know the related information,in which the case we really expect a teacher's appearance. Anyway I will consist self-study and try to find more ways to overcome the difficulties.


many people 许多人; 人多; 很多人

on the Internet 在网络上

as well as 既…又…; 除…之外; 此外

interested in 感兴趣; 尽力; 关心; 对…关注

For example 例如;比如

Further more 而且; 更进一步; 更有甚者的是

hardly ever 几乎从不





English is an international language due to(应归于) its wild use and advantages. It involves a large number of words. To master the whole of it, as we know, it seems very hard. And also, the essence['esens](本质,要素) of English is that it is a language which is different from other subjects we take. So if we want to have a goo command of it, we should know the learning methods.As far as I'm concerned, after about ten years' leaning, I think that the interest is most important. You will find it pretty easy to learn English if you are willing to be close to it all the time. In addition, more listening, more speaking, more reading, and more writing are always necessary. Under the leadership of our teachers and with the hard work of ourselves, we all can learn English well.


a large number of 许多的

very hard 非常困难

different from 异于…

As far as 只要; 直到…为止; 据…,就…

most important 重要的; 有重大影响的; 有巨大价值的; 影响很大的; 权威的; important的最高级

willing to 愿意; 愿意去; 愿意是

be close to 接近; 不离

all the time 一直; 一直;始终

In addition 另外;加之;除…之外

due to由于,应归于




范文:My Activities in Leisure Time

In my spare time,there are different kinds of activities.For example,singing in KTV with my colleagues,playing basketball in my yard,go hiking with my family,and so on.These varies kinds of activities not only make me feel relax,but also let me full of energy and keep good shape.For me,the most interesting and important one is go hiking.Every time when I have a rest or feel tired,I will invite my friends or my family members to go hiking,such as climb mountains,go camping,etc.When I am attracted by the nature,my boring will go with the wind.So these activities do really good for my life,both my body and spirit.I love my leisure activities.


spare time 业余时间

different kinds of

不同种类的; 各种各样的; 各种不同类型的

have a rest 休息一下

family members 属;家属

climb mountains 爬山; 去爬山吧; 登山

leisure activities 【法】业余活动




范文:My Hobbies

I have many hobbies, such as reading, singing, dancing, playing the basketball. Among them, reading is my favorite. The reasons are as follows:Firstly, I can learn much knowledge and what is happening around the world through reading books, newspapers and magazines.Secondly, reading makes me wise .through reading other people's stories and past experience, I get to know how to get along with people.Lastly, I can also enjoy many places of interests and the beauty of our motherland.In the word, reading is my favorite hobby.


such as 例如; 像; 象…这样; 诸如…之类

as follows 如下;分别是

what is 是什么; 什么是; 什麽

around the world 全世界

other people 别人;他人;物;旁人

past experience 过去的经历

get to know 了解






Some people believe that town life is better than country life. I don’t agree with this. Town life can be convenient to us in many aspects. For example, you can move around easily, shopping can be more fun in a big shopping mall and you can enjoy a more colorful nightlife .But there are also many disadvantages. It is much nosier than in the country .Air pollution is more serious .It is not easy to park your car .It costs more to live in town .To name but a few is enough. Therefore, I prefer country life .


better than 比…好

agree with 与某人一致,同意,赞同某人的意见agree with通常不用于进行体,也不用于被动结构。; 与…相符,与…一致; 适合于

For example 例如;比如

move around 频繁换工作; 经常搬迁

shopping mall 商场; 购物广场

there are 有; 可数名词的复数形式;

in the country 在乡下





The-poor cannot live a decent life since they don/t-have money for daily necessities, whereas the rich seem to enjoy everything in the world. However, wise people warn that money is not everything. I strongly agree with these wise people. It is true that money is very important.Yet, there are many other important things in our life as well. For example, we need to have a warm family, some close friends, a good health, etc. More often than not, we find that some money worshipers lost their health, friendship, basic principles of morality and even freedom in order to obtain money. If a person thinks money is everything, hence focuses all his attention to money day and night, and neglects other aspects of life, he will soon be neglected by the whole world.


For example 例如;比如

in order to 为了;以便;目的在于; 要想……

day and night

日日夜夜;夜以继日; 昼夜不断;夜以继日


1. 你认为成功的要素有哪些;

2. 举例说明你的观点。

范文: The secret to success

As we all know, not all people can make success in their lives. Most people will meet with failures on the way to success. Why do some people get successful in their lives? I think there are three reasons.

Firstly, they have strong willpower. Once they decide to do something, they will never give up. Secondly, they work hard. Once they set up a goal, they will work hard to achieve it. Thirdly, they never easily quit. They always stick to their aims.

I believe that where there is a will there is a way, and that success belongs to those who can make constant efforts.


on the way to 在去……的路上

some people 某些人

there are 有; 可数名词的复数形式;

they have 他们有;

decide to do 决定做某事

never give up 永不放弃; 永不言弃; 从不放弃

work hard 努力工作