Learn synonyms of “learn” with useful examples.


  • Find out

The purpose of the research is to try and find out more about the causes of the disease.

  • Study

He urged her to study English.

  • Discover

Scientists are now trying to discover if this is possible.

  • Figure out

I want to stay and try to figure out some things.

  • Ascertain

A doctor should examine the patient to ascertain where the pain is localized.

  • Determine

Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire.

  • Uncover

I am furious that it has taken so long to uncover what really happened.

  • Find

Investigators are searching the wreckage of the plane to try to find the cause of the tragedy.

  • Memorize

There’s no way I can memorize all these formulas before the test.

  • Master

Most politicians want to master the art of the soundbite.

  • Identify

The new test will enable us to identify more accurately patients who are most at risk.

  • Unearth

To unearth the last of the bodies may take a fortnight.

  • Explore

English majors would be asked to explore the roots of language.

  • Get

We go to school to get knowledge about many different things.

  • Gain

The program enables pupils to gain some experience in the world of work.