1. 跟...一样地,同样地 例如:I'm as tall as him 我和他一样高。

2. 如同;例如 例如:There are lots of famous buildings as the Eiffel Tower and the Arch of Triumph. 这里有许多著名建筑如埃菲尔铁塔和凯旋门。


1. 作为,以...的身份 例如:He works as a tour guide. 他作为导游工作。

2. 当作 例如:She is a famous person as a actress. 作为一个女演员,她很出名

3. 像;如同 例如:The old woman was dressed as a young lady. 这位老妇人打扮得像一位年轻人。


1. 像...一样;依照;像 例如:You ought to do as Paul tells you. 你应按照保罗吩咐的做。

2. 当...时 例如:As she was leaving the room she remembered that book. 她离开房间时想起了那本书。

3. 随着 例如:As the sun rose the fog dispersed. 太阳一出来,雾随之消失。

4. 因为 例如:We didn't know what to do as we were just visiting there. 我们不知道该怎么办,因为当时我们仅仅在那里作访问。

5. 虽然 例如:Tired as he was, he stayed up late. 他虽然疲倦,可仍然很晚才睡。

6.尽管 例如:Try as she might,Sue couldn't get the door open.尽管想尽一切办法,苏还是不能打开那扇门


1. (与such,the same,as等连用,引导关系从句)与...相同的事物(或人) 例如:He has

earned as much money as I have. 他赚的钱和我赚的一样多。

2. (引导从句,对前述内容作补充)本情况,该事实 例如:She has married again, as was expected. 她已再婚,这是意料中的事。


(1) 在否定句中,第一个 as 也可换成 so。

(2) 在该结构的两个as之间通常接形容词或副词的原级,但若涉及数量或程度,可用“as much+不可数名词+as”和“as many+复数名词+as”。

I haven’t got as much money as I thought. 我不像原来想像的有那么多钱。

(3) 第二个as后接从句时,该as通常为连词,但有时这个as还充当其后从句的主语或宾语,此时该as实为关系代词。如:

I gave him as much as he could eat. 他能吃多少,我就给了他多少。

(4) 该结构根据情况可用使用以下修饰语。如:(not) nearly, almost, just, nothing like, exactly, not quite, half, one-ten, twice, three times, 30 per cent等,并且这些修饰语必须置于第一个as之前,而不能置于其后。


一、 as作连词的用法:

1. 作"当……的时候",引导时间状语从句。注意与when、 while的用法区别。

① when作"当……的时候"解,可以指较短的(一点)时间,也可指一段时间。如:

When he was at college, he could speak several foreign languages.

When the clock struck twelve, all the lights in the street went out.

② while常表示一段较长的时间或一个过程,强调主句谓语动词与从句谓语动词同时发生。如:

Work while you work. Play while you play. 工作的时候工作。玩的时候玩。

③ 但属下列情形时,只用as, 而不用when或while。

A) 用于表示同一个人的两种动作交替进行,指"一边……,一边……"。如:

The girl dances as she sings on the stage.

He looked behind from time to time as he went forward.


As time went on / by, she became more and more worried.

As children get older, they become more and more interested in the things around them.


I thought of it just as you opened your mouth.

Just as the flying worm hit her face, she gave a loud cry.

D) 后接名词表示某一年龄段时,用as。如:

As a young man, he was active in sports.

2. as=since, 作"既然"、"由于"解,引导原因状语从句,常用来表示已为人们所知或显而易见的原因或理由。如:

As / Since you're not feeling well, you may stay at home.

As he wasn't ready in time, we went without him.

3. as=in the way that, 作"像"、"按照……的方式"解,引导方式状语从句。如:

He speaks English as Americans do.

Remember, you must do everything as I do.

4. 用于或not so/中,前一个as是副词,后一个as是连词,引导比较状语从句。如:

They helped the old man as often as possible.

I don't speak English so/ as well as he does.

5. 作"虽然"、"尽管"解,引导让步状语从句。常用倒装语序,即adj. /adv. / n.+ as +主语+谓语+主句。如:

Tired as they were, they walked on.

Child as he is, he knows a lot. (child前不用冠词)

二、 as作关系代词,引导定语从句,作"正如"、"这一点"解。如:

He is very careful, as his work shows.

As is well-known, Taiwan belongs to China.

另外,当先行词被the same, such等词修饰时,常用as来引导定语从句。如:

Such a clever boy as he can learn anything quickly.

I was reading the same book as he bought yesterday.

三、 as作介词的用法:


As a League member, I'll take the lead in everything. (状语)

She works as a doctor. (状语)

They have me as one of their own children.(引起宾语补足语)


as well 也;同样地;还不如

as well as 也;和…一样;不但…而且

as one 一致的