01 提纲式作文


一、 对立观点式

A.有人认为X 是好事,赞成X, 为什么?

B. 有人认为X 是坏事, 反对X,为什么?


Some people are in favor of the idea of doing X. They point out the fact that 支持X 的第一个原因。They also argue that 支持X 的另一个原因。

However, other people stand on a different ground. They consider it harmful to do X. They firmly point out that 反对X 的第一个理由。 An example can give the details of this argument: 一个例子。

There is some truth in both arguments. But I think the advantages of X overweigh the disadvantages. In addition to the above-mentioned negative effects it might bring about, X also may X 的有一个坏处。



B. 我不同意。

Many people argue that 错误观点。By saying that, they mean 对这个观点的进一步解释。An example they have presented is that 一个例子。(According to a survey performed by X on a group of Y, almost 80% of them 赞成这个错误观点或者受到这个错误观点的影响)。

There might be some element of truth in these people’s belief. But if we consider it in depth, we will feel no reservation to conclude that 与错误观点相反的观点。There are a number of reasons behind my belief. (以下参照辩论式议论文写法)。



B. 产生的原因

C. 对社会和我们生活的影响

D. 如何杜绝。(如果是问题的话)

E. 前景的预测。

Nowadays, there exists an increasingly serious


problem. (X has increasingly become a common concern of the public). According to a survey, 调查内容说明这种现象的情况。或者是一个例子。

There are a couple of reasons booming this problem/phenomenon. 下面参照辩论式议论文的写法。

X has caused substantial impact on the society and our daily life, which has been articulated(表达) in the following aspects. 参照辩论式议论文的写法。

A dozen of measures are supposed to take to prevent X from bringing us more harm. 参照辩论式议论文的写法。

Based on the above discussions, I can easily forecast that more and more people will ……..

02 图片/表型作文



①As is vividly revealed in the picture, ______(描述图片内容). The picture reminds us of an old Chinese saying— ______(进一步说明图片表明的含义).

②Undoubtedly, the symbolic meaning conveyed in the picture is ___(揭示图片的深刻含义). First, _____(分析第一条含义).More often_____(进一步阐述隐含的深刻含义). Therefore, when it comes to the key to success, the most important thing lies in


③In a word,_______(总结全文,提出建议). Only in this way can we _______(强调主题).


①As is vividly depicted in the picture, ______(简单描述图片). Nevertheless, ______(描述现状).

② We can benefit a lot from______(做某事). To begin with, ______(优点一). Furthermore, ______(优点二). Lastly, ______(优点三).

③In conclusion, ______(结论).


①The bar chart_______(给出图表的出处)reflects______(解释图表所反映的现象). From these statistics, it can be seen that______(具体说明这一现象).

②Generally speaking, _______(分析这一现象产生的几点原因)factors have contributed to this phenomenon.For one thing, _______(第一点原因). For another, ______(第二点原因).

③As far as I am concerned,______(发表个人看法). First,_______(其中一条解决办法). Second, _______(另外一条解决办法).


As is shown in the chart / graph / diagram / table above, __________ has changed drastically in the past _________. While ___________,now the percentage of__________ is __________. Meanwhile, the number of _________ has soared up to ________.

There are mainly two possible reasons contributing to the rapid changes. The first is that _________. Secondly,__________.

In my point of view, the changes have a great influence on _________. At the same time,_______. To sum up ,_________.

03 哲理名言型作文



①There is a widespread humorous saying that ______(引入格言). Funny as it is, the saying ironically reflects the fact that ______(名言所反映的事实).

②Our life involves all kinds of obstacles and setbacks which may exhaust us. Therefore, ______ (中心论点). What's more, ______(进一步阐述中心论点). For example, ______(举例论证). Obviously, ______(得出本段结论).

③All in all, ______(结论), just as the old popular saying goes, ______(呼应开头).


① ______(名言的指出者)’s famous remark makes it evident that ______(名言的含义).

②What ______(名言的指出者) remarked is just in line with my own mindset. In the first place, ______(论点一). In the second place, ______(论点二).

③Though, ______(辨证地论述问题).

04 几种应用文模板




I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for___________.Had it not been for your assistance in ___________,I fear that ___________may not have____________.I’d like you to know that your help __________.It not only____________,but also__________.I shall always remember__________.

I hope that I will have the opportunity of returning your hospitality by inviting you to ______.Will you kindly let me know whether you____________? I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

Again,I would like to express my thanks to ________ .Please accept my appreciation and pass my best wishes on to ____________.I hope to hear from you soon.





I am _______and I would like to apply for the position of___________posted on________.I have attached a copy of my resume for consideration.I believe my qualifications are ideal match for your requirements.

I am a major in_______,and I will graduate in___________.In addition to my experience of_____________,I_____________.I believe my education and experience__________.You will find me to be____________.

I would appreciate your time in reviewing my enclosed resume and if there is any additional information you require, please feel free to contact me.It would be great if you give me an opportunity to meet you for interview.

Best regards.





I am writing this letter to call on_________.As some of you may know,________.In face,________.

It is necessary for us to________.On the one hand,__________.On the other hand,_________.Hesce, it is high time________.Firstly, we


Please contact us via_________.Please join us in the effort to __________.

Thank you for your paiticipation





I’m writing to express my concern about/put forward my suggestions about __________ .(or I’m writing to call on you to __________.) I have noticed/heard that __________.I’m really worried/glad about it.

It is understandable to __________,since __________. However,I think potential risks should not be ignored.The most serious/obvious risk is that __________. In this sense, __________.To prevent the risk from becoming a reality one day,you/we should __________. (or It is understandable to __________,since__________.My advice is to __________, because__________. If you want to __________,you should__________.)

Thank you for your attention. I wish you take good consideration of my advice.

Yours sincerely,



Dear __________,

I am writing to make an apology to you for ________. I am terribly sorry for my fault, it wasn't my intention to _______.

To make up for my mistake,I would like to ________ as a token of my apology.If everything else fails,I will ________ as soon as possible. Would you tell me which way that you think is doable?

Again,I deeply apologize for the problems my actions caused.I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,