1. I can hardly recognize my classmate after five years.

2. The United Nations recognized the new government.

3. We recognized him to be a great man.

4. White Pollution is recognized as one of the serious problems.


recognize 的意思是______(句1),______(句2);

常见短语recognize sb. as / to be 的意思是______(句3、句4)。

[联想]类似的短语是consider ... as / to be。


1. —Oh, it’s you! I ______ (没有认出) you.

—I’ve just had my hair cut, and I am wearing new glasses.

2. Tom ______ (被认为是) the tallest boy in our class.


[自我归纳] 认出;承认;认为……是……


1. didn’t recognize

2. is recognized as / to be