Some people never change

At night, a cat often crawled up onto a fence outside a handsome man's house and sang terribly. The man often prayed to the gods to make the cat be quiet. Sometimes one of the gods would come down and ask the cat to be quiet. The cat would then explain that her song was really a prayer to the goddess of love, But the gods thought that the cat he should pray properly and made it promise not to sing any more. But every night, the cat crawled back up on the fence and sang. Finally, the goddess of love appeared one night and asked the cat what it wanted. "I have fallen in love with the man who lives in this house, "replied the cat. "I want to be changed into a woman so I can love him properly. "The goddess of love granted the cat's wish on two conditions. "Once I change you, " she said, "you must always keep your promises and never again show the habits of a cat. ""Okay, I will, "said the cat. So the goddess changed the cat into a lovely woman.

Soon after, the woman and the man got married. But one night the goddess went back to see if the woman was keeping her promise. The goddess let a mouse go in the kitchen where the woman was cooking dinner. The woman caught the mouse and threw it in the pot with her dinner. Suddenly, the goddess appeared to the woman and said, "With one action you have broken two of my conditions. " Then the goddess changed the woman back into a cat.

Changing appearance does not change character.


夜里,一只猫总是爬到一个英俊的小伙子家外面的篱笆上,发出可怕的怪叫。小伙子常常乞求上帝,让那只猫安静下来。有时,其中一个神下界来,让猫安静点。猫解释说,她是在向爱神祈祷。众神认为,猫应该正确地祈祷,并让猫答应以后再也不要那样叫。但是,每天晚上,猫还是爬上篱笆,照样叫着。终于在一个晚上,爱神出现了,她问猫到底想要什么。“我爱上了住在这所房子里的人。”猫回答,“我想变成女人,那样,我就可以名正言顺地爱他了。” 爱神答应了猫的请求,不过,提出了两个条件。“一旦你变成女人,” 爱神说, “你必须永远保守秘密,而且再也不能表现出猫的习性。” “好的,我会的,” 猫说。之后,爱神就把猫变成了一个可爱的女人。

不久,女人就和小伙子结婚了。一天晚上,爱神回来看看女人是不是不信守诺言。于是,爱神把一只老鼠放进了厨房,女人正在那儿做饭。看到老鼠,女人一把抓住了它,扔进她做饭的锅里。突然,爱神出现了,她对女人说:“就这一个动作,你就把我的两个条件全违背了。” 然后,于是爱神就把女人变回了猫。



Only hope remains

When God created the world, he put all the good things like love, honesty, and happiness into a box. He asked a woman named Pandora to look after the box. "Do not open this box, "said God, "or all of these good things will escape. "But Pand, ora was very curious. She often wanted to know what some of the good things looked like. So one day, she opened the lid of the box just a little bit. But the good things had so much power that they burst the lid open and escaped. Finally, Pandora forced the lid back onto the box just in time to save hope from getting out.

When all else fails, people will always have hope.


上帝创造了世界之后,把爱情、真诚和幸福等所有美好的东西放进了一个盒子里,他让一个叫潘多拉的女人看管着那个盒子。“千万别打开盒子,” 上帝说,“要不然,所有美好的东西就会跑掉的。” 但是,潘多拉很好奇。她常常想知道美好的东西到底是什么样子。于是,有一天,她把盒子开了一个小口。然而,这些美好的东西却有无穷的力量,他们冲破盖子跑了出来。最后,潘多拉用尽全力,才把盖子盖好,只把希望留在了盒子里。



狗、公鸡和狐狸(Dogs, cocks and foxes)

Dogs and cocks make friends, and they travel together. In the evening, the cock jumped into the tree and perched on the branch, and the dog spent the night in the tree hole below. When dawn came, the cock crowed as usual.A fox heard the chicken crow and wanted to eat chicken, so he ran to stand under the tree, respectfully invited the chicken down, and said, "what a beautiful voice! It's so beautiful, I really want to hug you. Come down quickly, let's sing a serenade." the chicken replied, "please wake up the watchman in the tree hole. As soon as he opens the door, I can come down." The fox immediately went to the door, and the dog jumped up and bit him and tore him to pieces.

Moral: it explains the truth that harming others will eventually harm themselves, and also tells people to be good at using wisdom to defeat the enemy.


寓意: 说明了害人终将害己的道理,也告诉人们要善于运用智慧,战胜敌人。


狗和海螺(Dogs and conch)

A dog who often steals eggs saw a conch and thought it was also an egg. He opened his mouth and swallowed it in one bite. After a while, he felt a terrible stomachache and said, "I really deserve to treat all the round ones as eggs."

Moral: you can't know things only by intuition and appearance, otherwise you will often get into trouble unconsciously.