一、make sb./ sth--- 意为 "使……怎么样”

(1) The news made us happy. 这个消息使我们很高兴。

(2) The film that I saw yesterday made me sad. 昨天我看的电影使我很悲伤。

(3) The soft music makes Amy relaxed. 舒缓的音乐使Amy很放松。

  二、make sb./sth.+ do sth. 意为“让/使某人做某事”

(1) The boss often make us work for more than ten hours.


(2) The movie was so sad that it made Tina and Tara cry.


  三、Make it+名词/形容词+to do sth. 意为“使做某事成为 /变得…” it 为形式主语,真正的主语是不定式 (to do sth.)

(1) Learning a foreign language can make it easier for us to find a good job.


(2) They should make it clear for us to know how to use the computer. 他们应该讲清楚使我们知道怎样使用这台电脑。

  四、make sb../sh+过去分词,意为"使某人/某物被…

(1) He spoke so fast that he couldn't make himself heard clearly


(2) He can't made his English understand.他不能保证自己说的英语被别人理解。

  五、be made to do sth. 意为"被迫做某事”

(1) If you see the cartoon film, you will be made to laugh.


(2) Her son is made to play the piano for two hours every day



1. make a mistake/ make mistakes犯错误

2. make a telephone call to sb.给某人打个电话

3. make noise发出噪音

4. make a plan./ plans to do sth.制订计划做某事

5. make up组成;占有;编造

6. make money赚钱

7. make/be friends with sb.和某人交朋友

8. make a living(by) doing sth.靠做某事谋生

9. make ( great) progress (in..) (在…)取得(很大)进步

10. make sure确保

11. make a wish许愿

12. make---come true使……成为现实

13. make one's way前往;费力前进

14. make an effort to do sth.努力做某事

15. make use of使用;利用

16. make oneself understood把话说清楚;把意思交代明白;使自己被理解

17. make it办成;做到;成功;赶上;及时到达

18. make a difference (to..)


19. make sb. feel at home让某人感到宾至如归

20. make a mess 弄得一团糟

21. make one s own decision自己作决定

22. make oneself at home让某人不拘束

23. be made of由……制成(发生物理变化)

24. be made from由……制成(发生化学变化)

25. be made in产于某地

26. be made by sb.由某人做的

27. be made up of由……组成



1. She doesn't like rock music. It often____ her crazy

A. lets B. makes

C. asks D. orders

2. Tina doesn't like the restaurant because the music there makes her_____.

A. sleeping B. to sleep

C. sleepy D. slept

3. The heavy rain made the tourists_____ at the hotel all day with nothing to do.

A. to stay B. staying

C. stayed D. stay

4. Internet has made____ possible for you to close the gap.

A. this B. it

C. that D. them

5. He often makes his sister______ , but just now he was made____by his sister

A. to cry: to cry B. cry; to cry

C. crying; cry D. cry: cried

6. The speaker raised his voice, but he couldn’t still make himself____.

A. hear B. to hear

C. heard D. hearing


1. We all love Mr. Wang. He always makes His students___ (relax) in his class.

2. Father made me ___ (clean) our room, but I made my sister____(do) it.

3. Miss Green often makes it interesting ____ (learn) Chinese.

4. You'd better stand on the stage to make yourself____(see).

5. Listening to English songs makes me___( interest) in English than before



Loud music___ ___ ____.


Helping each other___ ___ ___ ___ .


She ___ ___ ___ ___ in the rain for over an hour.


The speaker spoke loudly so that he could make____ ____clearly

Keys to exercises:


1. B 2. C 3. D 4. B 5. B 6. C

二、1. relaxed 2. clean; do 3. to learn 4.seen 5. more interested


1. makes me uncomfortable

2. makes our friendship stronger.

3. was made to wait

4. people heard