Well hey there, I'm Emma from mmmEnglish! Today I'm going to teach you to introduce yourself effectively.



And there are three reasons why this is such an important skill to learn. Of course, we've got to introduce ourselves all the time, right?


In lots of different contexts. So spending the time getting your introduction right is gonna help you and it's gonna benefit you over and over and over again.


And when you meet someone new, you will likely feel a little nervous. It's totally normal, right?


But if you can get off to a good start, then it's gonna help you to feel more confident going into the rest of the conversation. So nailing that first introduction is so important.


And of course, if you can introduce yourself clearly and confidently, you'll make a great first impression with people that you meet.

This is going to help you build great relationships, to make friends and be liked which really, deep down is what we all really want.


Ideally, you're watching this video with your notebook handy so that you can take some notes as we go.

You can listen to me talk about introducing yourself as much as you like but if you don't start playing with the language and the ideas that I'm sharing today to make it useful and relevant for yourself, what's the point?


So if you've shown up today and you're ready to participate in this lesson, let me know in the comments, I'm really excited to get started.

And of course, if you can think of a friend or a colleague who needs to work on this skill too, share this lesson with them, make sure you subscribe and let's get into it!


So imagine hearing this question: Tell us about yourself.


And feeling cool, calm and collected as you reply. That is exactly what we're working towards today.


We want to, not only just answer this question with ease, but we want to do it accurately as well. There are lots of different places and contexts where you might need to introduce yourself.


Some of them are formal, some of them are really informal. So knowing your context and your audience is extremely important, I can't stress that enough.


It's so important. And adjusting your introduction just slightly to those different situations is a really powerful skill to learn.


Because it might be useful to talk about your education and your profession in some contexts, but really weird to bring that up at a party, right? Like that's a good way to bore someone to tears.


So let's get started with your introduction today. And how do we start?


We start really simply and casually with your name. I am Emma or I'm Emma.


Now in most situations, it's much more natural to use the contraction I'm Emma, it sounds much more relaxed that way. You can also say: My name is Emma.

在大多数情况下,使用缩写形式 I'm Emma 是更加自然的,这种听起来要轻松得多。你也可以说:我的名字是艾玛。

Or my name's Emma. Simple, right? You've got this.


Now what if you have a preferred name or a nickname? It is always really good to let the person who you're addressing know right up front right?


And an informal way to do that is to say: My friends all call me. . . My name is Beatrice, but my friends all call me Bee.


A slightly more formal way to do that is to say: My name is Ybiskay, but it's hard for some people to say it, so you can call me Ybis.