2022年中考英语考点精粹必刷100题 名词代词形容词副词



1.—Online reading has many _________.For example, it's possible for us to read at any time.

—I agree with you, but it is bad for our eyes.

A.agreements B.project C.advantage D.advantages

2.In some western countries, people usually have meals with and forks.

A.bowl B.chopstick C.knife D.knives

3.How smart Mary is! Of all the students in her class, she usually spends the_____time and makes the______mistakes in her homework.

A.least; fewest B.least; least C.fewest; least D.most; fewest

4.— Are the visitors all from _______? — No, there are only 5 ______ in the group.

A.Germany; Germany B.Germany; Germans

C.German; Germans D.German; Germany

5.Some ________went to Japan to help when they knew that many ________lost their homes in the earthquake.

A.Germen; Japanese B.Frenchmen; Japaneses C.Germans; Japanese

6.Don't be afraid to ask for some ________ about ordering the meal.

A.suggestion B.method C.opinion D.advice

7.—Jenny, here're some ________. Are they yours?

—No, mine ________ in my schoolbag.

A.photo, is B.photos, are C.photoes, are D.photoes, is

8.I was so excited when I saw so many_________ on the farm.

A.sheep B.chicken C.duck D.milk

9.Recently, he seemed to lose the ________ of his life and has givenup many chances.

A.sense B.course C.direction D.purpose

10.—Samon always reads for half an hour before bedtime every day.

—That’s a good ________. Reading makes a full man.

A.habit B.dream C.sleep D.wish

11.—I have never made a pizza before, so it is just an ________.

—But it tastes really good! I would like to have another piece.

A.experiment B.invention C.exhibition D.operation

12.When Trans-Asian High Speed Railway goes into service, it will make a big ________ to people’s life in Yunnan. It will take a shorter time for us to go to Southeast Asia than before.

A.choice B.surprise C.effort D.difference

13.Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng are the ________ of our nation.

A.proud B.pride C.proudly D.price

14.There are more than 100 ________ in our school.

A.woman teacher B.man teacher C.women teachers D.men teacher

15.—What’s in the fridge, Tom?

—Many ________, but little ________.

A.watermelon; juice B.pancakes; yogurt

C.milk; bananas D.oranges; vegetables

16.This fruit store is so large and clean, but its ________ is so terrible.

A.screen B.service C.information D.prize

17.It’s about twenty ________ bus ride from my home to school.

A.minute B.minutes C.minutes’ D.minute’s

18.This skirt feels soft. It’s made of ________.

A.glass B.paper C.silver D.cotton

19.—It’s his new book, but I think it is more interesting than hisother books.

—I agree with you. His latest book meets his highest ________.

A.choice B.standard C.method D.wealth

20.—We can get all kinds of ________ on the Internet and share it with others.

—Yes. But some of it is not true.

A.information B.informations C.suggestion D.advices

21.Everyone can be a useful person and make a _____ to our country.

A.instruction B.information C.contribution D.introduction

22.Spending too much time _______ computer games is bad for your________.

A.play; eye B.playing; eyes C.play; eyes D.playing; eye

23.—In China, we put lucky money in red envelopes because red meansgood luck.

—That’s interesting! I want to know more about Chinese ________.

A.notices B.articles C.traditions D.instructions

24.—How can I know about this product?

—Surf the Internet, and you will get much ________ about it.

A.advice B.information C.message D.suggestion

25.We’re going to have ________.

A.lot of fun B.a lot of funs C.lots of funs D.lots of fun

26.In a conversation between two persons, 65% of ________ is done through body language.

A.information B.pronunciation C.introduction D.communication

27.—Lisa, could you help me buy some ________ on your way home?

—Ok, mom.

A.egg B.beef C.banana D.potato

28.—Can I help you?

—Please give me ________ about the trains to Daqing.

A.a few informations B.a little informations C.a little information D.a few information

29.Uncle Li has a farm, there are some________ on the farm.

A.chicken and sheep B.chickens and sheeps

C.chickens and sheep D.chicken and sheeps

30.—I'm sad to hear that Yuan Longping passed away.

—So am I. We lost a hero. His _______on hybrid(杂交)rice helped Chinese people solve the problem of eating.

A.surveys B.reports C.researches D.achievements

31.The staff completed the project before the schedule and the manager seemed ________.

A.satisfied B.humorous C.surprisedly D.happily

32.Credit cards (信用卡) matter a lot ________ than before. We usually pay with smart phone snow.

A.little B.fewer C.less D.more

33.Of all the cities in China, I think Shanghai is _________.

A.modern B.more modern C.most modern D.the most modern

34.In the kindergarten, children like to play with Miss Guo as she looks so _______.

A.friendly B.gently C.beautifully D.politely

35.The more relaxed you are, ________ you will perform when you take the interview.

A.the good B.the well C.the better D.the best

36.If there is ________ pollution, the air in our city will be ________dirtier.

A.less; more B.less; much C.more; much D.more; more

37.—What’s ______ river in China?

—Yangtze river. It is about 6300 kilometers long.

A.long B.longer C.longest D.the longest

38.—In China, paper money is getting ________ popular.

—Yes, most people pay for things with mobile apps.

A.more B.most C.less D.least

39.Li Daming is ________ than his father.

A.a little taller B.very taller C.much tall

40.—Excuse me, Mike. Do you prefer weekdays or weekends?

—Weekdays, of course. I’m _________ on weekends.

A.busy B.much busier C.more busier D.the busiest

41.If there is _______ pollution, the air in our city will be ________cleaner.

A.less; more B.more; much C.more; less D.less; much

42.My little brother likes doing sports. He is much _______ than last year.

A.strong B.stronger C.strongest D.the strongest

43.— Can you give me some advice on study?

— Work hard. I believe the harder you work, the ________ result you will get.

A.worse B.worst C.better D.best

44.The sun finally comes out after days of rain. It’s a little ________today.

A.warmer B.warmest C.colder D.coldest

45.Idioms(习语)are one of ________ parts of learning a language.

A.hard B.hardly C.harder D.the hardest

46.Space travel has been made _________ with the development of science and technology.

A.it possible B.it was possible C.it is possible D.possible

47.Football is ________ than volleyball in our school.

A.popular B.more popular C.most popular D.the most popular

48.Our nation is ________ and more powerful than before.

A.wealthier B.wealthy C.wealthiest D.the wealthiest

49.—I’m a bit nervous! Anyway, this is my first trip!

—________ you drive, ________ it will be!

A.The more carefully; the safer B.The more carefully; safer

C.The more carefully; the safe D.The carefully; the safer

50.The pizza smells ________. It’s best to throw it away.

A.good B.well C.bad D.badly

51.A ________ bridge was built in our hometown three years ago.

A.3-kilometers-long B.3 kilometers long C.3-kilometer-long D.3-kilometer long

52.Yiming Su (苏翊鸣) is one of _________ snowboarders in the world.

A.the better B.greater C.the most creative D.the most tired

53.Separating litter into different groups will give us a _________city than before.

A.much greener B.very green C.much dirtier D.very dirty

54.—Did you watch the 2022 AFC Women’s Asian Cup Final between Chinaand Korea?

—Amazing! I’ve never seen a ________match. China beat Korea in the final.

A.more exciting B.most exciting C.less exciting D.least exciting

55.The weather here is ________ hotter than that in Shanghai.

A.very B.so C.more D.far

56.—Did you see the football match yesterday?

—Yes! I think it is ________ game that I have ever seen.

A.exciting B.more exciting C.most exciting D.the most exciting

57.—It is ________ of you to help me prepare for the party. —With pleasure.

A.silly B.kind C.lazy D.perfect

58.Wang Yaping, China’s second woman astronaut, wishes every female would pick ________ star in their own starry sky.

A.bright B.brighter C.the brightest D.brightly

59.Apples of this kind ________.

A.tastes good B.tastes well

C.taste good D.taste well

60.—Look! The flowers are coming out.

—Yes. And the weather is getting________. Let’s go on a spring up.

A.bigger B.warmer C.longer D.colder

61.Harry can’t pronounce the words as ________ as the announcer.

A.properly B.more properly C.most properly D.the most properly

62.My mother ________ uses electronic products because she thinks they are bad for her eyes.

A.usually B.seldom C.often D.always

63.Jim jumps ________ in our class. I believe that he will win the high jump.

A.high B.higher C.highest D.highly

64.— There is something wrong with my new camera. I’ll return it to the shop tomorrow.

— Are you sure you have put the battery in _________?

A.smooth B.smoothly C.proper D.properly

65.Lucy replied to me more ________ this time. She isn’t who she was two years ago.

A.really B.carefully C.friendly D.completely

66.—Lucy has an art lesson, a PE lesson and a handwriting lesson on Sunday.

—No wonder she ________ hangs out with us on Sunday.

A.seldom B.usually C.often D.always

67.Jim reached for a cup of coffee but didn’t drink. ________, he passed it to me.

A.Instead B.Instead of C.Because D.Because of

68.The ________ you work, the ________ scores you will get.

A.more hardly; better B.harder; better C.more hardly; worse D.harder; worse

69.That boy is very shy. He speaks so ________ that I can hardly hear him.

A.directly B.clearly C.loudly D.quietly

70.With the help of him, I write as ________ as him.

A.care B.careful C.more carefully D.carefully

71.The people in the neighborhood all like Mr. Johnson because he’s kind and ________ hurts others.

A.always B.usually C.sometimes D.never

72.—How do you like the high-speed train in China, Maggie?

—Oh, it runs very fast and it’s________ late.

A.always B.almost C.seldom D.already

73.The doctor in our neighborhood always says that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, so I ________ stay up too late.

A.often B.seldom C.always D.sometimes

74.I get up early, so I ________ exercise in the morning.

A.never B.seldom C.often D.hardly ever

75.Nick jumped ________ in the school sports meeting. We all speak________ of him.

A.highly; high B.highly; highly C.high; highly D.high; high

76.There are so many interesting places in Hefei, ________ Rongchuang Park in Binhu.

A.generally B.especially C.finally D.suddenly

77.Her lessons are sometimes recorded _________ because she usually uses special ways to make her class _________ and interesting to draw our attention.

A.live; lively B.lovely; live C.living; live D.lovely; living

78.Look, the volunteers are ________ made up of teenagers.

A.hardly B.quickly C.possibly D.mainly

79.Hemingway is such a famous writer that his books are ________ read all over the world.

A.hardly B.clearly C.widely D.politely

80.—I like to take the underground. It’s quick and cheap.

—Well, I ________ take the underground.The places I go to are all very close to me.

A.hardly B.simply C.mainly D.usually

81.—Look at Ann, how pale she looks!

—Well, she never eats ________ and that’s why she is not healthy.

A.properly B.completely C.smoothly D.widely

82.—Simon, you don’t have much time for lunch today.

—So I have to eat ________.

A.quietly B.slowly C.loudly D.quickly

83.Tom dislikes the taste of coffee, so he ________ drinks it.

A.often B.always C.never D.ever

84.The girl felt a little weak because of illness yesterday, so she danced __________than usual today.

A.earlier B.better C.faster D.worse

85.Vera and I live in the same building, but I ________ see her.

A.mostly B.usually C.always D.seldom

86.Look! ________ the children ________ in the park!

A.How happy; play B.What happy; play

C.How happily; are playing D.What happy; is playing

87.The running team did well. They all ran ________ than last week.

A.fast B.faster

C.fastest D.the fastest

88.The old man lives ________, but he doesn’t feel ________.

A.lonely; alone B.alone; alone C.alone; lonely D.lonely; lonely

89.—Have you seen my cap, Mum? —No, I think you may leave it __________in the library.

A.somewhere B.anywhere C.nowhere D.everywhere

90.It is reported that Omicron can spread ________ than Delta(德尔塔毒株)

A.quicker B.much quickly C.more quickly D.quicklier

91.—Which colour do you like, red or blue?

— ________. I like green.

A.Either B.Both C.Neither D.None

92.—Lily, is this ________ dictionary?

—No. ________ is in my schoolbag.

A.your; Mine B.your; My C.you; Her D.yours; I

93.—Is this Linda’s notebook?

—No, it’s mine. The thick one on the desk is ________.

A.she B.her C.hers D.herself

94.— Zhong Nanshan, 84, an old expert gave us a lot of advice to fight against the COVID-19.

— You’re right! Many people wrote online that they didn’t trust ________ but him.

A.someone B.everyone C.anyone D.no one

95.Australians speak English, but in __________ own way.

A.its B.his C.her D.their

96.The deaf girl often uses body language to show________feelings.

A.her B.she C.hers D.herself

97.He tried many ways to solve the problem.But ______ of them worked.

A.neither B.none C.all D.both

98.--What did your sister buy for your mother on Mother's Day?

-- .She made a cardfor her.

A.Nothing B.Something C.Anything D.Everything

99.Your home town is really nice!The air quality is as good as______of Sanya.

A.it B.one C.that D.the one

100.—What a nice model plane!

— Thanks. I made it with 3-D printer by______.

A.me B.him C.itself D.myself