my hobby英语作文初中(分析中学生的爱好与兴趣)


favorite (最喜欢的);

taste (爱好,志趣);

read novels (读小说);

surf the Internet (上网); chat online (在线聊天);

collect stamps (集邮);

make friends (交友);

climb mountains (爬山);

enjoy pop music (喜欢流行音乐)


develop an interest in (在……方面培养兴趣); be fond of (喜欢);

I have no taste, but my parents make me to develop an interest in basketball,who signed me up for basketball class.


be keen on (对……着迷); have a taste in (喜爱);

hobby (业余爱好);

be interested in (对……感兴趣);

have a great love for (非常喜爱……)


直接提问:What's your hobby?

What do you do in your free time/spare time?

回答: My hobby is surf the Internet. My taste is read novels.

I am keen on playing football.

I am interested in climbing mountains.

I enjoy pop music.