my friend英语作文学生(介绍My best friend 我的好朋友例文2则)

My best friend 1

I have many friends, but my best friend is Li Hua, she is a girl, we get to know each other when I am four.


Now I am ten years old, Li Hua is also the same age with me, we have been together for seven years.


We share happiness and sorrow, I will tell her my secret and she will also tell me her secret


We will be best friends forever.


My best friend 2

I have a good friend.


She is a cute girl. Her hair is long and straight. Her eyes are big. Her nose is small. She is very thin.She likes to help others. She is a hard-working student. She is good at English and Chinese.Her favorite season is summer, because she likes eating ice-creams in hot days.She has many hobbies. She likes playing the piano, reading books and singing songs.


We often play games together. I hope we can be friends forever.