Directions: Suppose your university student union is planning to hold a speech contest. You are now to write a proposal for organizing the contest. The proposal may include the topic,aim, procedure and selection of contestants. You will have 30 minutes to write the proposal.You should write at least 120 words but no more than180 words.

To enrich our life on campus and improve our public speaking skills, the Student Union is planning to hold a speech contest in December 2021. Hereby, I would like to put forward my proposal for organizing the speech contest.The details of my proposal are as follows.


All students have access to the contest.There will only be twenty participants, however, qualified for the final contest after winning a preliminary---a 3-min prepared speech on“My Most Unforgettable Experience”.


When it comes to the final contest, the schedule will be divided into two parts for each contestant. The first part is a 5-min prepared speech on the theme of The Power of Ideas”, and the second part a 2-min Q&A session where contestants are required to answer questions raised by judges regarding their speeches.


Judges, made up of three excellent professors, two club leaders and the champion of the 2020 contest, will evaluate the contestants performances according to their pronunciation, accuracy,fluency and speech skills.


I’m convinced that the contest will be a great success through careful preparation.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay titled“Is technology making people lazy?”. The statement given below is for your reference. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.

Many studies claim that computers distract people, make them lazy thinkers and even lower their work efficiency.

Is technology making people lazy?

Admittedly, the development of technology has brought great convenience to people’s lives. However,there are two sides to every coin.Technology does lead to our laziness, as some studies have shown that computers are making us lazier.


In the first place, information technology is making us mentally lazy."Once encountering problems in real life, we tend to blindly rely on suggestions on the Internet without analyzing their specific conditions, and gradually, we may become lazy thinkers and lose the ability to think independently. In addition, technology is making us physically lazier as well. We depend more on the convenience of shopping apps than ever before. Sometimes, although restaurants and shops are close to us, we would rather stay at home ordering meals and buying things online than go out. Last but not least, various information on the Internet catches our attention easily, distracting many of us from our work and thus lowering our work efficiency dramatically.


In a word, some technology is making us lazier due to the fact that computer users tend to become mentally and physically inactive.



Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay titled“Do violent video games lead to violence?”. The statement given below is for your reference.You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.

A growing body of research finds that violent video games can make kids act aggressively in their real world relationships, causing an increase in violence.

Do violent video games lead to violence?

With the rapid development of computer technology, the video game industry has boomed in recent years.However some studies have shown that violent elements in violent video games exert negative influence on kids. From where I stand, violent video games do lead to violence.


To begin with, the way children communicate tends to be influenced by the way virtual characters speak in video games. In daily life,if children communicate with others in a rude way as virtual characters do in violent video games, they may form a bad habit of verbal abuse, which will gradually evolve into behavioral violence.Furthermore,behavior of characters in violent games also has a negative impact on children.In real life, kids are likely to believe that it is acceptable to solve problems through violence.In addition, if exposed to violent video games regularly, children will easily develop an irritable personality.


In a word, violent video games do harm to kids growth,having negative effects on the way they communicate and deal with matters and on their personalities.


video game industry电子游戏产业


in addition此外


verbal abuse说脏话,言语虐待

(be)exposed to暴露于,接触到


evolve into逐渐演变成




irritable 易怒的

exert negative influence on 对……产生不良影响

furthermore 其次


have a negative impact on对……产生负面影响

/ do harm to对……有害

from where I stand在我看来

to begin with首先



Directions: For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay titled“Are people becoming addicted to technology?”.The statement given below is for your reference.You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.

Numerous studies claim that addiction to technology is real and it has the same effect on the brain as drug addiction.

Are people becoming addicted to technology?

The rapid development of technology has brought profound changes almost in every aspect of people’s lives and numerous studies have shown that people are becoming more and more addicted to technology. For my part, it is true that many people are becoming addicted to technology.


In the first place those who are under pressure in real life and work are more likely to release their stress and seek spiritual relief in virtual world by playing computer games or chatting with others on WeChat. Wherever you go, be it in a subway or on the street, you can see Phubbers whose eyes seem glued to the screen of their smart phones.In the second place, impelled by inborn inertia, many people tend to finish their physical tasks with the help of technology. The more they resort to technology, the more addicted they become to technology.


All in all, it is an indisputable fact that people are becoming more addicted to technology,owing to the fact that it can release their psychological and physical pressure.